Coaches House Winter Mountain Training from Foix

You can’t beat a fine day out to test the body and mind in the mountains. It’s all about finding that right balance between testing your physical limits and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone – both metaphorically and literally!

Learning from these experiences is the key to progression and understanding what your body is capable of. Self-reflection aids performance by making you more self-aware of how you feel before, during and after a training ride or race. Evaluating your strategies and how you executed your decisions in a ride are important and unpicking what you learnt from a ride is invaluable – good or bad. For example, it could be from the choice of clothes you were wearing, the planning and organisation for the ride, and down to the execution of how you climbed up the hill on a particular gear, to the skills on a fast descent.

Whatever your method for self-reflection and when you do it, make it work for you.

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